Do I have to print my Yankees tix?
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I got some print at home Yankee's tickets. Can I just put the PDF on my iPhone and have them scan off that to get in? Or do I need to print?

I don't own a printer, you see.
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Print them at a public library? It generally runs from 10-30c per page.
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Print at a friend's or at work. Or call them to make sure they can scan it. You don't want to get there and fail to get in, there is a pennant race on.

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I had the same question two weeks ago. I called and was told they could scan my phone, but only one ticket per phone. I was too chicken shit to try it and got a print out.
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Heh. I'm aware of the existence of printers. :-) What I'd like to do is avoid that step.
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I used to work at a GAA stadium in Ireland and people would occasionally do this. It worked fine every time (our scanners read the barcode from the phones' screens without any issues), but it probably wouldn't hurt to call and make sure first.
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Ha! I just went through this yesterday. I printed them on a neighbor's printer. After I got in, I spent a few minutes watching them scan tickets and didn't see anyone using their phone. Of course, Johnny Gunn got the info that counts. I wonder if they don't promote the idea because people might wind up ignoring the understandable "one per phone rule".
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Well, we're going to print and then try with the phones. So we'll see. And if the phone way fails, we still have the paper.

For science!
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Be sure to follow-up (For science!) Optical barcode scanners can read phone barcode no problem while laser scanners typically can't read them at all. Laser scanners are becoming less common outside of grocery scanners, but it's not a for sure thing either way at this point.
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It might work on an iPhone, but I haven't had it work with my Nokia, but I didn't pay attention to the type of scanner
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IME, it's all about brightness, at least with the optical scanners. Turn the screen up too bright, it no worky. Turn the brightness down too far, it still no worky. Maybe they've licked this to some degree, because the TSA and the airlines ask you to have the brightness all the way up for using a boarding pass on your phone.
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