Help me identify this short story
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What's the story where the guy talks to a bunch of dead people and then finds out he's dead?

Short story in the genre of magical realism, probably Latin American. The basic plot is a guy sees various people who he thought had died and talks to them, and at the end it turns out he's dead too and they're all in a cemetery or mausoleum. Originally seen in a high school textbook, although I don't know which textbook (presumably indicating that it's fairly well known).
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Is it Macondo?
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that was the wrong link... I meant One Hundred Years of Solitude, which is set in Mocondo...
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Best answer: This is kind of a stretch, but could it have been an excerpt from Pedro Páramo?
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Ambrose Bierce's An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, maybe?
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Science fiction rather than magical realism, but Phillip K Dick's Ubik.
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I can't think of a specific story, but maybe one by Horacio Quiroga? There is often a twist at the end.
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Definitely not One Hundred Years Of Solitude.

I don't think it's anything by Marquez, but I haven't read every single short story.

You're positive it's neither Our Town (has that premise, staple of high school curricula, not magical realism) nor the film The Sixth Sense?
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I thought of Our Town, too, FWIW. (But that's a play, not a short story.)
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Our Town is definitely found in high school textbooks, but Emily Webb is not a guy and she's alive for most of the play.
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Best answer: I'm guessing Pedro Páramo, too; it's frequently excerpted in textbooks.
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Response by poster: I was asking this question for my sis- and I had a couple of the bits wrong. It was sophomore year of college, and I guess the narrator didn't turn out to be dead, he just talked to the dead. After reading this thread and following up on the book itself, she confirms it was Pedro Páramo! So, good job for figuring that out even through my muddled explanation.

Thanks everyone!
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Yay! I'm glad we found it for her.
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