How to use Pledge Music without being a computer genius?
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Can someone please help me understand PledgeMusic?

I made an account and I understand that but I have no idea how to make a "project" - as far as I know, I already have - I don't understand how to get it up and running or to provide my special items for fans or whether or not they have to be approved by site staff, proven to exist, or WHAT. Please help me! I'm not making this anonymous but I'm really not comfortable saying what band I'm in. Someone please help?
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On the sign up page it says "A pledge team member will review your project so you can get started."

So it sounds like you should reply to the pledge team member who reviewed your project and have them assist you.
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Someone already replied and I am still at a loss...
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Hi there,

I work with PledgeMusic ... but not on the customer facing side ... so I'm not really sure where you are having problems and I personally can't really offer much assistance.

But ... drop us an email asking for assistance, and someone will get back to you to walk you through whatever problem you are having (probably not on the weekend though ... although you never know your luck).

Or alternatively give us a call on Monday ... our telephone numbers in the UK and US are on the contacts page ... probably better after 10:00.

Customer service is important to us, and we spend a lot of time walking musicians through setting up and running projects ... if you are having a problem we will help - it's our job!

Good luck
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And ... if all that doesn't work for you just drop me a memail, and I'll get someone to give you a call and have a chat.
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Thanks so much! I don't know enough to really speak to this but you seem like an awesome person.
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nah ... I'm just doing my job.

Seriously ... If you have any problems just drop me a memail, and I'll make sure someone who can help you does.

(actually ... drop me a memail anyways ... If you agree I'd love to speak to you during your project to see how we are doing ... kinda like a mystery shopper thing ... if you are cool with that)



P.S. You can also reach me at jann (squiggly thing)
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I had a thought ... if you are based in NY or London it might even be easier to pop in for a coffee ... If this would fit let me know and I'll arrange it.
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Thanks a ton, unfortunately I'm not :(
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