Please help me find video footage .
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I've searched for a long time for video of George Bush's 2003 surprise Thanksgiving visit to Iraq where he comes out and the soldiers jumped to their feet and erupted with cheering.
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Since that trip was secret and the video/story were embargoed until .. I'm not sure when, but I think when AF1 was out of the country, the White House might control that footage. I would start with some inquiries to the press office.

Second, US Army Public Affairs would be another place to start.

You don't say what you plan on using the video for, and you should probably have an idea of something to tell either of those sources if/when they ask.

If either one balks, try a Freedom Of Information Act request.
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C-SPAN at 1:25
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Right here on CSPAN.
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See also the Daily Show's "Moment of Zen" the next Monday, which has a better view of the troops jumping up.
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