Is legit or fraud?
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Has anyone used Is it an okay site to buy from?
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WHOIS returns a legitimate result which has no matches for better or worse. A search for mygiftee and scam doesn't bring up any scary warnings. Web of Trust gives it semi-good ratings. They use Yahoo shopping and take payments from sources which overwhelmingly favor the buyer such as American Express. A few searches suggest that it has very low traffic, the official blog has gone silent since 2009, and most searches for the site seem to show relatively weak SEO efforts.

I haven't used them myself, but those results suggest to me that it's probably a legitimate business, but I wouldn't be terribly certain about doing business without contacting them first to ensure they're still actively operating. I waited to answer this in case anyone else had a first-hand experience, but they seem to have a low enough profile that you might not find anyone who has.
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