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Weekend backpacking trip near Philly?

I've been out of the SCENE so to speak for a number of years now, so I'm at a loss for good camping resources.

I'm looking for a trail/park/whatever with the following qualities:
-Within 3 hours of Philly by car, less is a +
-Trails broken up such that a weekend itinerary would be feasible
-Camping sites along trail, preferably, so backpacking is possible; at the least, sites that are remote from parking/park entrance
-Low foot traffic would be good

A lot to ask, so barring that, a good website that would help me find something along these lines would be nice. Assume competence from the 3/4 people that would be going. As always, thanks
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Have you considered doing a section of the Appalachian trail? Here are a bunch of day-hikes on the AT within about 2 hours of Philly -- I bet you could plan a longer hike with those as a starting point.
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I know friends who have gone camping at Hawk Mountain. The link is to a list of camp sites in the surrounding area. I would also assume somewhere along the Appalachian Trail to be a good idea.
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There are a lot of hiking groups on, and browsing through upcoming and past trips from local groups will give you a sense of some of the most popular destinations in the area. A lot of the trips are day hikes, but some are overnights, and they might still give you an idea of trails to incorporate into a longer weekend trip. (Note: Some of the groups hide their content from non-members, but you could join the groups just to learn about their hikes with no obligation ever to show up for any of their group outings.)

A few I have seen come up recently include: the Pulpit Rock/Pinnacle Peak portion of the AT; the Bake Oven Knob portion of the AT; Glen Onoko Falls near Jim Thorpe; Hawk Mountain; French Creek State Park; the Shawangunk Mountains.
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I asked about lunchtime visits to Delaware Water Gap a couple of months back. I didn't make it there, but maybe you might like it. The Dingmans Ferry area along Rte 209 is really beautiful, but I'm not sure it's open right now.
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Ricketts Glen looks amazing. Though I've never been, it's #1 on my parks-to-see list.

Here is the PA DCNR site with a ton of info on all of the state parks.
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Try the Pine Barrens.
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A successful trip to the Wharton state forest in the pine barrens- Plenty of trail, cheap primitive campsites, and very close to Philly.

A couple notes-
I've been to Hawk Mountain, it's fun if you're going to do a basecamp operation. Lots of cabins IIRC.
Ricketts Glen is really cool. Crayfish in some of the waterfall pools, I believe. Great picture-taking opportunities.
If I get a longer period of time, the AT will be up on my list of options.

Thanks for all the suggestions!
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