Lost iPad. Erased from iCloud. Now what?
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I lost an iPad. While tracking it's location with the find my i-Device service, I erased the device from iCloud without realizing this would remove my ability to track the device. Now what?

What I do know is this:

A person has the device (Set up a lock message with my details, and an offer for the return of the device, and that message was viewed).

I also have the serial number of the device.

What (if anything) can I do now?
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I had a similar experience when I lost my iPhone. That phone is gone with the wind. I fear the same will be true for your iPad.

At best, if your iPad was on 3G, you could report the IMEI number (retrievable from your iTunes backups) to the carriers so that it would be blocked from the cellular networks. I believe it would still function as a WiFi device.

Unless the person who has the device has a change of heart, I do not think you will see it again. At least you were able to wipe it to protect your data. I hope you keep fairly frequent backups so that you are just out the replaceable hardware rather than any irreplaceable data.
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