ready to read about refuse.
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I want to learn about garbage removal in early New York.

I recently visited Dead Horse Bay in Brooklyn and was amazed. I also love Luc Sante's Low Life - a book about crime in New York from the 1840s to the 1920s. Can Metafilter recommend any similar books (or podcasts or articles) about early efforts at sanitation in NYC?
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On quick Googling, the name Robin Nagle turns up as one possible source for good information about NYC's historic garbage; just look at her syllabus for Garbage in Gotham (.pdf), which includes this promising lead:

Miller, Benjamin
2000 Fat of the Land: A History of Garbage in New York, the Last 200 Years. New York: Four Walls Eight Windows.
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Does it have to be garbage? Clean water is super important for sanitation and I found Water for Gotham by Gerard T. Koeppel pretty fascinating. Lots of fun stories about corrupt NYC politics and the effort to try and get clean water to NYC.
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Stuff You Should Know Podcast had an interesting episode about Typhoid Mary and there was plenty of discussion about sanitary efforts in NYC.
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The Smithsonian Channel did an interesting series called Trashopolis, here is a link to their New York episode.
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You might also be interested in the relevant sections of Robert Sullivan's "Rats: Observations on the History and Habitat of the City's Most Unwanted Inhabitants." (OTOH, the entire book is a good read in and of itself.)
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