Used monitor recycling in London
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I've got this 21" CRT monitor -in perfect working condition- which is too big for the new flat I'm moving to. I'm looking for some charity/school in London (preferably South) that could make good use of it. Any suggestions? The computer recycling charities I've managed to find don't deal with monitors bigger than 17" and I'd hate seeing some perfectly usable piece of equipment going to landfill...
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I fail to see how a monitor could be too big for a flat. Does it not fit on your desk or something? Or, is it some sort of fung seui thing? I'd be loathe to part with such a monitor.

But, while I don't know a lick about London, I suggest that you just start calling charities you like and seeing if they want it. It might help to state that you have no need for a tax receipt (at least, it would help here in the US), that you just want it to be used. Offer to drop it off at their site.

If it's relatively new and sharp, you might look at charities that provide services to the visually disabled. I know that my uni keeps several HUGE (21+ inch) monitors around for folks with poor eyesight. However, if it's old and fuzzy, it's likely not worth it to them.

Good luck.
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eBay, or, are your best options.

If I were you I'd stick it on eBay with the proviso they have to pick it up or be within several miles of you. Start it off at £10, etc. It's almost like giving it to a charity as big businesses don't buy single used monitors on eBay, and there's a lot of open source developers, skint users, etc, who hunt for such bargains.

In my experience it's unlikely a school would take it due to contract and/or safety reasons (stupid bureaucracy in this country). A small charity would be likely to accept it, but in that case it's simply a matter of finding one you'd like to support.
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Check with craigslist and any local graphic designers you know. When I was about to sell my 21" Sony, I discovered that the particular model I owned was coveted for its accurate colors.
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You could try Freecycle - it's a list where you post stuff and people who want it will come and pick it up.

I have a 21" monitor that was given to me free and am very grateful for it.
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Sell it on eBay then donate the money to your favourite charity.
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Have you still got this? I'm in North London and wouldn't say no to a 21" monitor... could pay you something, as well.

Would email but there's no address in your profile.
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actually, just read the 'CRT' part - I guess that means it's huge, in which case I don't have room either. :(
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