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Please recommend a virtual magazine host.

So, I edit an e-zine, which we host with a third party. That company, Bluetoad, is apparently at the center of the Apple UDID leak. Their website is now down and I'm on the lookout for something better.

I need a platform that will, in descending order of importance, do the following:

  • Take in a pdf and output an interactive e-zine
  • Enable linking
  • Have some sort of analytics built in
  • Display well in a magazine format on a computer as well as on a tablet
  • Not cost a fortune
  • One thing Bluetoad does that I like is keep a database of advertisers so that linking ads is not a chore
  • I have a domain name. I'd like it if the link to the magazine were www.domain.com/issue, not www.onlinemags.biz/domain-online/48332qwe45
  • Have pretty pretty page transitions, skins and other features

  • I've come across issuu.com and flippingbook.com. Do you have testimonials for these services? Would you recommend another?
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    Coming in to emphatically insist that you not use Zinio. I subscribe to Games Magazine, which uses that platform, and it it truly awful from a user perspective. I think MeFiMag used MagCloud - might be worth checking out.
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    MeFi Mag did use MagCloud, but that service is for print, not online.

    Issuu is nice, but I"m not sure it does linking. The paid version, which isn't expensive, might.
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    My company uses Texterity. I don't know much about pricing though.
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    Best answer: For posterity (FWIW—these are internet platforms, after all), we went with FlippingBook.
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