Subtitled video to static HTML page software?
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Is there software that will turn a subtitled video into a series of snapshots of the video interspersed between the subtitle text?

I have a bunch of video (in particular, from an online course) that I would like to watch. However, I find it difficult to fit in watching the videos, and inconvenient to slow down and speed up the videos depending on the content. I have the subtitle (srt) and video (mp4) files. Is it possible to turn these into an HTML file (or similar) that has the subtitle text between relevant images from the video?
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Well, the srt file is simply a collection of text and time offsets that would be simple enough to manipulate in any text editor.

So all you need is some kind of video editing tool that will break up your film into chapters according to the subtitle times that you have from the .srt file. I know any, sorry, just helping to break down the problem a bit.
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...don't know any...
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Use the timecodes from the SRT and ffmpeg to generate a snapshot.
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This tool looks like it might be able to do what you need. It can take srt and mp4 files, and "parse through subtitle files, extract the dialog and timing information and then use that information to generate audio clips, snapshots and video clips for each line of dialog".

(I found that by searching for "subtitle video snapshot extraction" in case that helps find other options. I get the feeling I've seen a slightly friendlier app elsewhere, but I can't seem to find it now.)
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