Bus-powered enclosure
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I'd like to reuse a 5.25" optical drive in an external USB 2 enclosure. Are there any that are USB- or bus-powered? The ones on Newegg are all AC-powered, it seems. Do bus-powered enclosures exist?
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I don't think there are. As pointed out in this previous thread, the power provided by the bus is the limiting factor. Bus-powered devices are designed to do so.
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Most of the USB powered DVD drives I've seen were recased laptop drives[1] - I believe that the power consumption requirements for 5.25" internals is too high.
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They exist more so for 3.5" devices. You just have to make sure whatever you're putting in the enclosure has low power consumption as USB doesn't have a lot of amperage.

For 5.25" you're likely to either find laptop optical drive enclosures or enclosures that require more than 1 usb slot for power. Since many 5.25" drives make use of the 12v channel, a USB supply would have to convert from 5v.
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It's possible. Here's a new unit from Lenovo, for example, that will do what you want. I've not been able to find a bare drive without the enclosure though.
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No. Standard 5.25" optical drives (and 3.5" hard drives) all require 12v power, which USB does not provide.

If you want USB powered, you need to use one of the slim/notebook style drives.
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You can get a PCIe card for a desktop that has an external eSATA port as well as SATA power, letting you connect a drive up as if it was internal. You wouldn't need an enclosure then, just a box to protect it from dust.
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Even among slim USB optical drives, it is common to see cables that draw power from two USB ports. Those that pull from a single port are either really slow, or have extra circutry to smooth out the power draw. Throw in the 12v issue that others have mentioned and I doubt you'll find what you are looking for, short of some sort of hack.

Alternatively, if your computer has a full-sized firewire port, it looks like firewire can deliver 12v and up to 5w, so there might be options there. Also, Macs can deliver higher wattage over USB than speced to compatible devices.
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Not for 5.25" optical drives. The USB bus doesn't provide enough power.

The FireWire bus ought to, in theory, be able to deliver enough power but I have never seen a self-powered 5.25" FW enclosure.
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Bummer. Thanks for the answers.
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I went for a Samsung slim drive. If I can't recycle, I might as well get BD support...
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