My Baby Just Cares For Me
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Help me find this special Nina Simone recording for the lovely young lady I'm dating.

I've just started dating somebody (let's call her Kate), and she speaks longingly of a cassette tape her father got her back in the late 80s / early 90s. She still has it, but it's nearly worn out from listening. It is of Nina Simone's first album Little Girl Blue.

She would love to find a fresh copy of this recording. The problem, though, is that she says many things for sale on the internet labeled as Little Girl Blue are, in fact, later, more famous recordings of the songs that Kate has on her tape: same track listing, but different versions of each track. Kate says she has done quite a bit of searching on the internet has been unable to find it.

I'm not especially Nina Simone literate. Can somebody in the hive mind point me to anywhere I might be able to pick this up on the internet? I'm looking for a CD or an electronic copy; Kate has no means with which to play a vinyl record.

Also perhaps worthy of note: I'm in the US, but Kate grew up in England and Paris.
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The label 4 Men With Beards has reissued a lot of old Nina Simone records. I don't think they have anything on CD or digitally (though I could be wrong?), but this looks like it could be what "Kate" is looking for.
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After poking around, I think this Amazon comment might explain the issue somewhat:

Amazon claims that this Fuel 2000 edition of Jazz as Played in an Exclusive Side Street Club, aka Little Girl Blue, the essential debut album by Nina Simone, is remastered -- but I beg to differ. I'd heard a better sounding version of these songs from a different CD, and I bought this edition thinking it was the one I was looking for. However, the sound quality is pretty terrible. It's not the worst I have heard, but it really doesn't do justice to Nina's beautiful voice and her piano playing, both of which should envelope the listener and not let go until the album is finished. I sold the Fuel CD and purchased the 2004 import CD by Snapper, offered here: Jazz as Played in an Exclusive Side Street Club. It is slightly more expensive, but it was remastered from the original session tapes (and sounds like it). You can get it from the marketplace for much cheaper than the list price, so I highly recommend that you skip buying this edition and get the Snapper one instead.

The Snapper remastered release is a 2004 import from Britain. However, she may also want to try this French version by Charly. You should be able to listen to it online, and see whether it sounds right to her.
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Do you have a well-established indie music store near you? If so, give them a call and tell them what you're looking for. Explain the puzzle of the album that isn't the album. These stores are usually staffed by musicphiles that are familiar with quirks like this. Maybe ask to speak to the owner. Chances are they can order it in for you if they get the right version.
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I have this on cd, which I bought at Amoeba Records in SF a couple of years ago. It's a double album cd, and it definitely sounds like early recordings. Unfortunately, I can't tell you more about who put it out, because all my stuff is in storage right now, but it looks like Amoeba has it on sale.
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Why not just get the album Little Girl Blue? Awesome record.

My Baby Just Cares for me is available from local San Francisco singer Kim Nalley doing all Nina Simone songs..
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