Sew and Vac?
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Why is it always "Sew and Vac?" Sewing machines and vacuum cleaners. Why do these two appliances have such an affinity? Is it motors and belts? All the repair joints I see are 'Sew and Vac." What is up?
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Best answer: I just discussed this with my girlfriend the other day. I think you've hit on one of the main points: both use small electric motors, and have lots of belts and things that break down.

Some other points that I think influenced this phenomenon: Sewing machines and vacuums used to be major household appliance purchases, and both used to be considered the "woman's domain" so pairing them together was natural.
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They are the non-kitchen, small electric motors operated by homemakers.
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Or, what Mr0 said.
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I think Singer also used to make vacuums and was one of the first companies that did, and of course they make sewing machines, so it could also be that they had singer stores selling both (there's a singer store selling both near where I live) and other stores followed suit.
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I think it may also be because at one time most women had
sewing machines as well as vacuum cleaners.
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