Why do my boyfriend's ears sometimes lose their sensitivity to sexual pleasure?
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Why do my boyfriend's ears sometimes lose their sensitivity to sexual pleasure?

When my boyfriend and I first got together, he discovered that his ears were a huge erogenous zone for him. I could touch them or massage them during...activities...and he would be hugely turned on. One day, after a couple months, I touched his ears and nothing happened. I was very disappointed. A week or two later, it came back. And now, it is gone again. What's going on here? Did I wear it out somehow? Is there some sort of guideline for how often one can stimulate an area like this without wearing it out? Any tips or suggestions? I really like the reaction I get when I do things in this area so I want to keep things running smoothly if you know what I mean.
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Keep looking. The worst that can happen is you find another way to drive him wild.
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Erogenous zones are about set and setting as much as they are about nerve sensitivity. And like so many other sensitive areas, timing has a lot to do with it. If it's an expected part of the routine, it might lose its specialness.
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I can't speak to this exactly, but I am pretty ticklish. Sometimes I am extremely ticklish in a particular spot, and others not at all. As gjc said, context, set, and setting all have a part as well. Much of sex is mental, if not most.
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i love having my ears touched/kissed, but if the person i'm with knows that and goes straight for the ears every time, it can seem like they're buttonmashing my erogenous zones and have stopped looking for new ways to give me the woohoos.
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alcohol will diminish any extremity's sensitivity so could that be a factor. Also, overuse of an erogenous zone is a no-no.
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I love it when my wife plays with my nipples - except when I don't love it. Sometimes it just annoys me. I haven't figured out a rhyme or reason to it.
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