Make my hair look less bad.
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What should I do with my hair (or lack thereof)?

I'm 28 and balding. A few years ago I started just getting a buzz cut with the #4 attachment about once every six weeks. This has the advantage of easy maintenance, but I'm wondering if there's any better options for me. Here's what I look like right now; it's probably been about a month since my last haircut.

I'm looking for opinions on what I ought to do to make it look better, if anything. Let grow a bit longer than this? Shave it off entirely? Something else? Thanks!
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#1 clipper or shave.
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Shave it all off (you have a good head shape and should just bic it), trim the goatee a little shorter.
If your head is ultra white when you shave the hair off you can use a little self tanner lotion, but have someone else do it for you bc you will screw up the back.
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I'm with supercres, either go much shorter or shave it all off. The sides and back seem... I can't think of the right word... unkempt, perhaps? Ill-matching the rest of your head? I don't know how to put it.

Why not shave it all off and see how you feel about it? Or go for the number 1 and see how that strikes you?
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I'd go with shave all off or cut it as short as you possibly can. Then you can take pictures of yourself every couple of days and see what length you like!
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Clipper on the lowest setting once a week.
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I'm with everybody else. You have a nice shaped head, you could totally pull of bald.
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Definitely clip it on the lowest setting, don't go completely bald. The problem is that the hair on the back of your head looks thick and it doesn't match the bald part. Clip it really short every week and keep the sideburns and goatee. You may even want to extend the sideburns to make a thin beard.

You have a handsome face and nice hair color. It can totally be a look for you and it won't be as distressing as having uneven bald patches.

FWIW, I'm female and I find bald men quite attractive. Lots of women do, or at least have no problem with baldness.
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Shave it bald or really short, more often than you're doing it now. Letting it grow makes the difference between the thicker hair on the back and sides and the downy, thinner hair on top much more obvious.

Also, this is outside the bounds of your question, but have you thought about changing your glasses? Bolder glasses with thicker or squarer frames might look good with your new bald-on-purpose look.
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Bald is way more attractive than balding.
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I agree with keeping the hair short. You also have a handsome face hiding behind that facial hair so I'd trim that shorter as well. You have round features so different glasses would really suit you. Rectangle frames of a dark color would be best IMO.
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Response by poster: I am sensing a consensus.... :D

Just ordered a set of hair clippers. If I'm going to be cutting my hair as often as once a week I'll have to be doing it myself.

Probably a good point about the glasses too. I've been meaning to see an eye doctor to update the prescription anyways, so it'd be a good time to update the style as well.

I'll post followup pictures once the clippers come in. Thanks again, everybody!
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I recognize that this is a minority opinion, but I am a bald man myself, and I can't help but see the shaved head as the new combover--even if you're not trying to fool anybody, it looks a little like you are. Shortest clipper setting is, I think, the way to go.
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Other than Yul Brenner, this is the one time in the history of mankind where it's supercool and stylish to have your head shaved. (Thank you Michael Jordan, I think is where it came from.) Two young guys I know shave their heads and it looks really great, and as pointed out in this thread, you've got the right head for it. It can't hurt to try it, only take a few weeks to grow out if you don't like it.

Oh, and one of those guys has his beard cut just about the same length as his hair, maybe just a bit longer -- very cool, if you can pull it off. He's got very Richard Nixonian five o'clock shadow though, dark and thick beard, so maybe that helps it work. Still, can't hurt to give it a whirl.
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I slip backwards and forwards between shaving it off completely with a Mach 3 or buzzing it on the lowest setting with clippers. Not all clippers are equal and I had some that didn't last long so if you can get a set of Oster clippers which are professional grade. It'll save you money quickly over other brands.

Shaving your head feels great.
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Update your style online. Check out sites like Lookmatic and Eyebuydirect once you have your new script. Be sure to measure your pupillary distance.
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Please note that the direction you clipper in changes the length a little bit.

Against the grain of the growth cuts shorter than with the grain.

So pick a direction and be consistent, to avoid weird shadowy patches. Have fun!
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+1 Clippers on the lowest setting. Bonus: It feels awesome. You will rub your head all day. So will other people if you're into with that.
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Response by poster: As promised, results.

I definitely like the front better without all the wispy little hairs.

Cutting one's own hair in the back without being able to see it very well is difficult. Managed with a combination of mirrors, my cell phone camera, and phrenology.

But an improvement for sure. Thanks for the advice! Will update again if when I get new glasses.
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Looks great! Can't wait to see you with the new glasses.
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OMG, 100 % better! It looks great! Keep clipping it every week and you'll be set. Please do post the pics with the glasses when you get them.
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Response by poster: Finally picked up new glasses today. This is at about a week's growth of hair. Also with more beard.
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I'm glad you updated, I've been wondering if you got new glasses. And I must say, they look awesome, and you look awesome. Very handsome!
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