A picture of a cloud blowing wind?
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I'm looking for a cool picture of a cloud blowing wind, like this, except better quality and preferably older looking... like what you might find on an old decorated map. I'm googled out and need your hope!
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This won't help you online, but there have been a number of times in the past year where I've looked and looked for something with google images or whatever tool and found nothing- and a five-minute stop at the local library turned up tons of books with rich illustrations and photographs that are simply unavailable online.

I know I've seen a number of books on engraving and cartography that contain that sort of image... if nothing turns up here you might give it a chance.
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What is the correct term for them?
Here be dragons icon/illumination/pictogram/image etc.

Knowing that might help.

Here is a rare map site, FWIW.
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for images like that, i often use dingbat fonts. you could try something like this or this.
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And check your gmail, too.
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Can't view any of the links unfortunately (something wrong with the 'net connection here at work...) but to me it sounds like something that I remember from one of Aesop's fables, in an illustrated children's book. Perhaps if that sounds similar, it will give you another avenue of approach...

The fable was a competition between the sun and the wind to remove a travellers cloak; the wind (pictured as a cloud puffing away) tries to blow the cloak off, but the traveller grips it harder. The sun smiles, and shines harder, and the traveller has to take the cloak off because he's too hot. Moral: Reading children's stories when you're young leaves all sorts of strange information tucked away in your memory...
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Try this search.
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Ooooh... problem solved. Check it!

Now that's quality.
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maybe this?
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Try Clipart.Com.
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I have heard of such wind heads called a "Zephyr", which is a bastardization, I would imagine, of Zephyrus, the west wind in ancient Greece.

See this page on antique maps for an explanation. You might try looking for images of each of the winds mentioned, including
Boreas (north), Cecias (Kaikias) (north-east), Burus (east), Apeliotes (south-east), Notos (south), Lips (south-west), Zephyrus (west) and Skiron or Corus (north-west).

Check out some of the ancient greek works too, like the Ptolemy Cosmographia (or Geographia), which generated some nice semi-relevant-looking images in my quick Google search.
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The intro to Miyazaki's "Castle in the Sky" has wood-cut like animations of the a cloud blowing wind. I did a quick Google Images search and didn't spot it, but you might have some luck digging deeper.
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I was looking for one of these for a while too. I wound up finding one in a font dingbat set that I liked okay but wasn't old map style. I found a few images that have sort of what you need: one, two, three, four
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Many genuine thanks to everyone for the help!
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