Where can I sell event photos from marketing conferences & summits?
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Where can I sell event photos from marketing summits?

Hi everyone,

Over the past few years I've been booked for various marketing summits across the States and Europe. A colleague recently mentioned that I should put up some of the shots for sale, as internal design teams from various companies often need to purchase images for their own needs.

Is there any type of portal on the web that lets you do this that is specific for this niche genre of photography?

Would a better outlet be to develop my own website & shopping cart and then try to get the message spread across various different companies?

Thanks for your help!
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Not sure about a specific agency or stockhouse for this type of work, but you could build your own relatively cheaply. Use services such as photoshelter, smugmug, or zenfolio. I use photoshelter, and am most familiar with that service, but the others have similar functions. You can host images (jpg, tif, raw, etc.) in a searchable archive (keywords, captions, other IPTC data); create galleries of specific images; make those galleries private or password protected; allow specific people or the general public to download, purchase prints, or license images for specific usage; and more.
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msbrauer's links are good. There's also Pictage. I imagine that the overwhelming majority of full-time event photographers use one of these four. Each has its own advantages. You'll need to think about client order fulfillment -- are you planning to accept, place, and ship all these client orders yourself, or do you want to outsource that to a pro lab? (Tip: you want to outsource all that to a pro lab. :) Those listed above have hands-free fulfillment options built-in. But if you'd like to do everything yourself, RedCart is a popular shopping cart option.
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