Where's a good tourist destination in central France?
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I'm taking a holiday in the South of France soon and am planning to drive down there (there being Carcassonne). I plan to stop one night somewhere on the way - where would be an interesting place in the middle of France to spend one evening?
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Where are you driving from? I'll assume Paris and suggest Vichy or Clermont- Ferrand.
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Lots of "capital of X" in the Massif Central, where X is a particular industry or craft, so perhaps use that as your guide?

Assuming that you're taking a fairly direct route, Limoges is an obvious option, though the Telegraph just did a piece on Tulle, where both Chirac and Hollande held regional office before being elected president. If you can make it further south, Cahors is gorgeous and medieval, and also allows you to pick up some of the eponymous wine.
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You didn't mention from where you are commencing your journey, but I will assume Paris.

I would suggest Châteauroux. Award winning town with great architecture, beautiful gardens, with notable history and people.
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