Better-security alternatives to Spam Arrest
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What's a better-security alternative to Spam Arrest for challenge-response email? I received a password reminder email from Spam Arrest today. It included my full password in cleartext, and when I went to change my password to a long semi-random string of hashed characters I discovered that they silently truncate entries to 20 characters, which would have locked me out if they didn't keep everything in the clear to remind me. Frightening. Is there anyone out there who offer C/R email and knows how to store passwords?
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I usually just forward my spammy accounts through a gmail account which I set up for POP or IMAP access and for sending as the original account. No muss, no fuss. Google's pretty good with security. You could even try to implement 2-factor security with a cell phone or iOS device.

There may be other similar approaches.
posted by kalessin at 12:16 AM on September 9, 2012

Thanks, kalessin. I may give that a try though I’m not excited about the idea of supporting Google.
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Microsoft's new webmail apparently has some good security features. Might be worth trying.
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