Can you help ID this siren-like thing?
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Help identify this mystery item?

I found this thing. It belongs to a roommate's ex-boyfriend who was a cop and a DJ. It looks like a siren of some sort, and it could be used by either of those professions -- although it looks kind of cheap. They're not talking anymore, and he abandoned a bunch of his stuff, saying he doesn't want it.

I'd love to sell it on ebay, but I don't know what it is. Can you help?
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Response by poster: Oops. Hotlink
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It looks like it has a plug for a cigarette lighter in the car, so I'd guess some sort of hazard light for road emergencies.
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Yep, youngergirl144 is right. I used to have one of those in an "Emergency Roadside Kit" I had years ago. One side is like hazard lights for traffic, the other is a flashlight and it does plug into the cigarette lighter. (Neither is much help if your battery is dead though.)
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It's an emergency light, and I don't know if I'd bother with ebay - it is worth a few bucks at the most.
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Response by poster: Thanks!
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You could always plug it into a car's cigarette lighter and see what happens.
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Best answer: I believe the use case for this is when you have to change a tire on the side of the car that's exposed to traffic, and you've got limited clearance due to a restrictive shoulder. People do regularly get killed while doing this so the idea of a flashing light to alert oncoming traffic isn't entirely crazy. It's of course preferable to find a better place to pull over where there's more space and/or lower prevailing speed.
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