Help me ID the "Puff Pastry" Typeface!
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What font is this?! Tried what the font and studying it but still can't figure it out. any idea what this Puff Pastry font is? I'm sure it's customized and edited but I feel like I could find something similar. Had no luck with google or font ID sites. Thanks!
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Have a look thru the fonts on this website: Sudtipos
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I would have suggested Sudtipos too, but I just eyeballed all the fonts listed on the homepage and none of them seemed to be it.

But if you don't need an exact match, you shouldn't have much trouble finding a script typeface to evoke the same feel.

FWIW I suspect that ithat Puff Pastry probably isn't customized and edited, as the two capital Ps appear identical. I'd guess that the 'ff' ligature and the 't' and 'y' flourishes are probably just alternate Open Type glyphs.
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It looks hand-drawn.
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Except for the letter f, this font is similar.

This font is also similar.

You might also find some of these fonts and
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