Help me fill my new home with crap!
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I'm starting fresh decorating a new house and am after some cute, kitschy and unusual homewares (think Urban Outfitters or ModCloth, or anything rockabilly or punk inspired). Catch is they have to be able to ship internationally - or to Australia at least. Can anyone recommend me a few sites?
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This isn't a specific recommendation, but on the etsy front page, you can choose to shop local. I filtered it to look at housewares from Australia and found some cute stuff!

I'm a sucker for printed pillows...
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Go to your local thrift store.
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ModCloth does ship internationally, but I get the idea from Australian reviewers, that it can be a pain in the ass.
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The Neatoshop ships internationally, I checked and Australia's included :) Here's their housewares section.
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Sin in linen has great stuff and does ship internationally. I don't know what the shipping charges will be like, though, so you'll want to look into that.
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I'm currently a little obsessed with the art from Cuddly Rigor Mortis but it may not be to your taste. It's also a little pricey, but they do ship everywhere.
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Okay, you asked for it! The most kitschy stuff from all over the world is collected here. They ship out of Europe, you have to ask for specifics but you'd pay 19% less than the price on the webpage.
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