Writing to folks in Russia
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How do I find a postal code for St. Petersburg, Russia?

I'm having a devil of a time using google on this one... I stayed with a host family in St. Pete many years ago, and I remember the address, but not the postal code. I'm trying to send them a letter. Anyone know how I can find this? (For the record: Ulitsa Kazanskaya, dom 38).
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Furstadskaya, Dom 15 is the U.S. Consulate. Its code is 191028. I'd browse online for the listing of nearby places and see if they have a different zip code.
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Response by poster: Hey - that's a good idea. This is why I use askMe, people are smarter than me.
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There is/was a lookup database, but it appears to be down (archive.org). Anyway, lorrer's idea is a good one, and, if worst comes to worst, you could probably try simply using 190000 and hoping for the best.
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Actually, this looks like another lookup database you could try.
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The new automated machines (if your PO has one) work great. Scale, postage printer, debit/credit card/cash option, and an easy to use rapid interface.
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