Search engine evaluation redux.
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Is it possible for someone who previously worked for Leapforce to work for Appen Butler Hill as a search evaluator?

I worked for Leapforce (and loved it) for 18 months. My contract was terminated over a year ago. As is typical for these jobs, there was no explanation for the non-renewal. I want to apply for what I presume is the same job at Appen Butler Hill. Will my Leapforce experience preclude my being hired? Would I have a better chance if I left Leapforce off my resume? (Please note: search engine evaluation jobs are weird and not generalizable to other industries, so please answer only if you have specific knowledge!)
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At worst, your past experience is neutral. At best, it could count in your favor.

A good friend of mine whose Leapforce contract was terminated went on to work with one of its competitors -- not sure if it was Appen Butler Hill or somebody else -- and did not find her previous experience to hold her back.
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I think it will help you through the "training" period...since there was no interview, just whether or not you can do the task.
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