telepathic assassin twins from the 80's!
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Asking what I always ask here... name the sci-fi novel based on tiny shreds of info: Pretty sure it was from the 80's and was about twin assassins who shared the same exact thoughts. they could communicate with each other instantly telepathically. This made them excellent assassins.

and I feel like there weren't just some really cool antagonist but were more important to the story. That or the main character was just so bland that these killers were the only memorable thing from the story.
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Best answer: Sounds like Liege-Killer, the first of the Paratwa trilogy, which was hugely popular on rasfw back when.
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Response by poster: thank you. i think that really is it. the name doesn't make me go 'aha' but the description certainly does! and the 'paratwa' name rings a bell.

thank you so much!
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