Game development events like Ludum Dare?
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Recently I've discovered Ludum Dare, a game development competition where the focus is on making games based on a theme within a given time constraint. I'm curious if there are other similarly organized game-development events designed to bring together small independent game developers and hobbyists.
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For roguelikes there's the 7DRL Challenge, and for Interactive Fiction there's the IF Competition. Both of them have been a major driving force behind development in general for their respective game genres.
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I believe the generic term for what you are looking for is Game Jam. If you google that and your area you will probably find some local events.
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Much less daunting than the IF Competition is the occasional and intimate Hours of Inform minicomp. I participated in HOI 2006 (I think it was) and the ratio of commitment to motivation to reward was perfect.

There was actually also a MetaFilter Interactive Fiction Contest a couple of years ago.
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"Game Jam" indeed is the magic search term I am looking for, thanks!
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Klik of the Month Klub where participants try to make (deliberately bad) games in 2 hours using software aimed at children.
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Outside of computer games, there's Game Chef for RPGs.
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Game Jam Central is surprisingly good at staying up to date.
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