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Visa requirements for Turkey: For a 2-Month internship, do I need to get a visa as a German citizen? I only found information on 3+ month internships on the internet..
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To get the official answer, which is what you really need, you can call the Turkish embassy in Germany.
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Response by poster: Thank you, but that's only possible on monday. Until then I thought someone here might know.
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So point h) under "Exceptions" on this page suggests the answer is "it depends on the internship" and possibly also on what agreements exist between Turkey and Germany.

If you don't fall under that exception (or one of the others), it sounds like you need a work permit, regardless of how long you're staying in Turkey. However, the English version of the website is really incomprehensible, so unless you read Turkish, it probably won't help you much, despite appearing to be the website you need to read.

Unless you get lucky and someone's done an internship in Turkey or is a Turkish immigration official, you're stuck phoning. Maybe call the people sponsoring your internship first, as they should have some idea. (Did you see the bit where it looked like the visa section of the consulate in Berlin is only open 1pm-2pm? I didn't look at the websites of the other consulates in Germany.)
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Response by poster: It's not a reciprocal internship program - just a privately organised internship by me - point h is so close but probably doesn't apply :(
I guess they can afford to have people running after them and open only one hour per day, it's the same for the other consulates! Well spotted.
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