I need to know what I'm doing and when I need to do it.
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I am looking for a wonderful timer program for Mac (OS X 10.7.4 +). It needs to have a Cocoa GUI (meaning a GUI that isn't ugly, and isn't unnecessarily complicated), the ability to run multiple timers, and the ability to name timers with a decent amount of detail. Sound is an important feature, too. Command line alternatives are also cool, but not ideal. More information inside:

I tried the Howler timer just now and found most of what I was looking for, but the fonts aren't beautiful, it has unnecessary features like unit converters, and the upgrade button is always shown unless I shell out some dough ($0.99). The aesthetics and unnecessary features make me unwilling to do that.

I am not opposed to paying for the functionality I want. I haven't looked any further because there are so many options, instead, I am opting to ask the wise MeFi tribe for guidance.

What do you use? What would you recommend?
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I'm not sitting in front of it at the moment so I don't know that it pegs all your requirements, but I've used "Alarm Clock" for a long time.

It does timed alarms, which I think you can't name and timers, which I think you can. You can also have it (at least for the alarms) go off with any sound you want.
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My absolute favorite timer app is TicToc. It looks like there's a new major version since I last used it that improves the UI for multiple timers.

I've also used and liked Minuteur, but I remember the interface for multiple timers being a little awkward.
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Response by poster: Alarm Clock doesn't do multiple timers, but is certainly slicker than Howler Timer.

TicToc looks gorgeous, I might get it.
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Ah, sorry about that. I can (and do) set about 10 alarms in the morning to make sure I get up, but I don't use the timers function much.
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Response by poster: Oh no! I downloaded TicToc and found that it's the opposite of what I'm looking for (though still a neat productivity tool).

To be more specific, I'm looking for a countdown timer.
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