Spotify controls in the iPhone tray?
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Trick with Spotify and iPhone 4S that I did accidentally but can't replicate. Help?

I know that if I am running a certain app on my phone, I can hit the home button twice and a tray will pop up showing the most recent apps I've used, and I can scroll that tray back and forth, and switch from one app to another that way.

ONE time, however, I did some key combination that brought up Spotify controls in the tray! The Spotify logo was on the left, with three buttons for back/play-pause/forward. The main window still showed whatever app I happened to be running.

Does anyone have any idea what I did? I haven't been able to find any evidence online except that apparently you're not supposed to be able to do that.

(This is *not* the same thing as hitting the home button twice when the phone is on its lock screen. I was actively running a program.)
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Best answer: Double click home and scroll to the left (meaning you swipe right).
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Best answer: When I'm playing music and double click the home button to get to the tray, I can swipe to the left to get music controls. I don't have spotify--this was just the iTunes music--but I wonder if it's the same?
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Response by poster: BLESS YOU!
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Yeah, double click home, swipe right...when Spotify was the last audio/video program you used. If you used anything else, then you'll be controlling that program.
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Response by poster: ...and of course, not an hour later, my son does it on his iPod Touch. *sigh*
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