Which Internet Should I Get, Internet?
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Who do you recommend as an Internet provider?

I just moved to the Durham, NH area for grad school and my apartment has no Internet at the moment. Besides the obvious convenience of having online capability for school, e-mail especially, I've realized how heavily I use it for entertainment--video, music, etc. Going without for the foreseeable future really isn't a viable option.

So, which reliable providers are in the area? And which ones are feasible on a TA's paltry income? Any suggestions for which kind of service (broadband, DSL, etc.) to get are appreciated as well.

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Maybe DSL Reports would be helpful in your search? They cover more than just DSL.

Get FiOS if it's available in your area.

I've bounced around a bit and landed back at Comcast. It's not perfect, and I feel dirty supporting that company, but there's just not many viable options where I am. Comcast hit the right spot in the price/performance curve.
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Really the answer depends on where you live. Usually you only have two or three choices, out of Cable, DSL, or Fiber (aka FIOS). Compare the speed & price of the three, and pick the one that's the best deal. All telecom companies suck and will try and rip you off. There are occasionally other methods of getting online, but usually they are either much slower, or much more expensive (WiMax, dialup, satellite, 3G/4G, etc)
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Does Road Runner service Seacoast NH as well as Southern Maine? That's a maybe slightly more local option. Er, if they are still around... my info is a number of years old by now....
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