Help me find this management company for Independent Contractors
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While researching healthcare, I came across a firm that works sort of like a back office for independent contractors. You set your rates, clients, but for a fee the billing goes through them, they take out taxes, offer benefits, etc. I can't find the link or recall their name. Help?
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There are several. ADP and Paychex come to mind immediately.
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Best answer: I think of ADP as a payroll processing service, although I'm not familiar with all ADP services. Solo W-2 sounds more like what you're after.
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Response by poster: Solo W-2 is similar to what I'd found and I'll take a look at them. After some googling on Solo W-2, I also came up with MBO Partners. Neither was the firm I'd originally run across, but these give me a better starting point than the thousands of unrelated links the google was giving me.

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Whoops. I misunderstood what you were asking. But I do know that ADP used to provide the billing services at least in reverse (i.e. where the client tells the independent consultant that bills need to be sent to ADP).
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My partner uses MBO Partners for this, if you're looking for a comparison. Their health insurance is pretty pricey, though.
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There are a number companies that do this. Check them out for financial stability, as I know someone who lost a lot of cash when the payroll service she used went under.
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