Looking for Classical Greece themed art
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Help me look for Classical Greece themed art for Monty Python-esque animation backgrounds!

I am working on an animation about the olympic gods. The characters will be drawn, but the backgrounds will be a collage of old paintings. So I'm looking for stereotypical 'ancient greek' images with temples, ruins and such. Renaissance, neoclassicism are all OK!

They also must be in the public domain, which fortunately in my jurisdiction is defined just as death of author + 70 years. Technically they must be at least 1600x1200, but simple pointers for search (author names, movements, schools etc.) are appreciated!

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Well, to get you started, here's a Google image search for "parthenon painting". You'll have to do the copyright checks yourself, I'm afraid.
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For future reference, Nicolas Poussin is your man if you're looking for landscapes strewn with ancient Greek ruins
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