Recommend me a good quality forum on Cloud Computing?
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Recommend me a good quality forum on Cloud Computing?

Can anybody recommend a good quality forum on Cloud Computing?
I am particularly interested in solutions being discussed about how people can work remotely instead of having to sit behind a fixed desk and PC. I am also interested in reading discussions about the pros and cons of conventional servers vs. cloud solutions. All forum recommendations appreciated.
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Cloud computing is such a broad and complex topic that you won't find any single forum that covers all aspects of it. I'm, however, certain that there are lots of specific discussions over at Quora that you might find interesting. There are some interesting questions over at Stack Overflow (see the cloud tag) but these tend to focus on programming.

As for conventional servers vs. cloud solutions, it really matters what you want in the cloud. Are we talking about hosting, storage, processing, application platforms, security, etc?

The best approach is to ask specific questions related to problems that you have, e.g. "My small business needs a basic office suite - mainly documents, spreadsheets - that we can access online. Suggestions?". AskMe and Quora are good places to ask these questions.

Lastly, a dose of skepticism is warranted. So many cloud solutions are just plain old hosted solutions that have been re-branded. Depending how you define the term, cloud computing has been around for decades, so it may not be as new and hot as some people claim it is.
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