Restaurants for groups in Manhattan
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I need to organize a breakfast, lunch and dinner in Manhattan the third week of September, and need some help deciding on where to go - there are just too many places to wade through on Google/Yelp/etc.

The lunch is on a Saturday, for 8 people. I don't need a private room, but it should be relatively quiet and somewhere I could request a corner table or something similar. It needs to be near the Empire State Building.

The dinner is on a Monday evening, for about 30 people, and it would be good to have a private room. It needs to be somewhere in the area around Grand Central Station (our hotel is near there).

For both the lunch and dinner, I'm open to absolutely any cuisine, and am trying to find a balance between somewhere relatively nice, and not crazy expensive (this is for a non-profit organization).

The breakfast is on Tuesday morning, and I'd need a private space for again about 8 people. Somewhere relatively close to Grand Central Station or slightly west from there would be ideal.

I wish I had better knowledge of New York to figure this out, but I'm hoping all you New York-literate MeFi's will be able to help me out!
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Regarding dinner:

If it's a group that's open to seafood, it might be worth calling the Oyster Bar and seeing if they could set up a private area for you. It's inside Grand Central, it's big enough to accommodate large groups, I've personally always enjoyed my meals there and it's no more pricey than most of the other restaurants in that area.

If you're willing to possibly shell out more cash for a really interesting and unique experience, you might also want to look at Sakagura, a really excellent Izakaya-style Japanese restaurant that's a couple of blocks away from Grand Central. It's located in the basement of an office building, but don't let its exterior or location put you off. It feels like you're descending into a secret, hidden world of delicious food.
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Artisinal (32nd bt Madison and Park)

Keen's Steakhouse (36th & 6th)
La Fonda del Sol (in the Metlife Building)

Le Pain Quotidien
Pershing Square (across from Grand Central)
Cucina & Co (in the Metlife Building)
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