Privacy from ISP?
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An un-sketchy (not free? not ad-supported?) ssh web proxy?

I think I'll be downloading, on average, about 400MB/day from the web, and I want a tiny bit of privacy from my ISP. (I know they'll be able to count the bits, but I'd prefer they didn't know what or from where I'm downloading.)

On principle, I'd prefer to support a company that doesn't store much user data and only cooperates with law enforcement when it's legally compelled. But I'm not doing anything shady--I'd actually prefer that the proxy is based in the USA.

Can you recommend a company with this service? Say, $30/month or less? ($5/month is better...)

Am I asking the right question? I wouldn't dream of clogging Tor with my frivolous downloading when people's lives depend on it.
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Best answer: TorrentFreak rated some VPN providers a while back: Which VPN Providers Really Take Anonymity Seriously? or if your technical you could go the lowendbox route and roll your own
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Best answer: If you just want something to SSH into, a low-end AWS server or Linode may fit the bill. You might even fit into AWS's free tier, since 400MB * 30 days = 11.72 GB, which is under their 15GB limit. Setting up an AWS instance isn't as easy as a Linode, though.
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Response by poster: I love the AWS idea!! Duh, 21st century, and it'll give me some much-needed motivation to play around with AWS. Still watching this thread.
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Best answer: Note that some web sites (including some large ones) block traffic from AWS, because they get a lot of abuse from there. Depending on what you want to do, it may be annoying.
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I really like Vypr VPN - I get it as part of my Giganews Usenet account.
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