What is the best method to project my Windows 7 laptop's screen wirelessly to my HDTV?
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What is the best method to project my Windows 7 laptop's screen wirelessly to my HDTV?

I always keep my Samsung Series 7 laptop connected to my LG 55LW5700 television through an HDMI cable. I would like to get rid of the cable and project my laptop's screen wirelessly on the television.

The only option I have found is to buy an Intel WiDi receiver for my television. Which of these wireless display receivers be the best one? My choices are:

1. Netgear PTV1000 - $34 - Cheapest option but can only project resolution upto 720p. Will this make a big difference when watching 1080p movies from my laptop?

2. Netgear PUSH2TV HD PTV2000 - $92 - Expensive but latest gen and capable of displaying 1080p

3. Belkin Screencast TV adapter - $60 - Can display 1080p but seems not as well reviewed as the Netgear on Amazon

At the moment I am thinking of going with the Belkin one as it is cheap and can display 1080p. Anyone have any opinions on what would be my best option?
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Try the Belkin, after first eyeing the return policy. Depending on your budget flexibility, it seems to me that the $92 gadget, which may well be great, you're also getting closer to cost of buying dedicated media server-box for the TV.

The difference between 1080i and 720 is not huge, but the difference between 720p and 1080p is, IMO, worth the leap.

Despite that, I'd probably start with the cheap gadget and save up for a proper media server, if it were me, which one day it will be.
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Response by poster: I don't mind spending upto $200 on a media server. But which media server can do what I am talking about, i.e. projecting the laptop screen wirelessly on hdtv. I like using media player classic from laptop itself to play movies downloaded through utorrent and don't want to deal with xbmc, plex etc.
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I just want to chime in and agree that if you're going to be spending money on this, don't get anything that doesn't do 1080p.
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I got my parents a Push2TV along with a wireless keyboard and a wireless trackball.

It's fine for web surfing (there's a *little* bit of lag) and even 1080p movies (as long as you don't jump around) - but you'll definitely want an i7 processor in your laptop (and double check to make sure your laptop supports WiDi; I think there's a 2nd gen out now).

The signal quality varies from day to day in their apartment for some reason. When there's a good connection, it's great. Some days it'll randomly drop and even youtube videos suck.

You'll want to update all of the firmware for everything.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the advice. I have an i5-2450m CPU. Does that mean it might lag a lot?
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Have you considered going with some kind of barebone/mini system? You can get one for around $200 or so. You'll need to be somewhat okay with doing some hands-on type stuff like installing your own RAM and HD/SSD but you will wind up with a decent little HTPC in the end.

For example, Something like this. According to the reviews it will function quite nicely as an HTPC but you will have to do some work to get it up and running.

With that current free SSD deal, just add some RAM and you're right at under $200, not including the OS.
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