New job, old job, school, and ageing
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New job, old job, school, and ageing? Or just a failure?

So I've posted about having an Information Science and Technology degree (2010) and never having an opportunity to get a jump start, I've said I want to become an archivist but I feel 42 is too late with no experience/MLIS and I want to start over in NYC....I'm pretty sure my current job is being downsized although my employer insists not. Mind you I am one of their longest employees (11 years). As a surg tech they want to utilize MA's for my some aspects of my position, the big guys are always showing up and changing the rules as to how many people can justifiably be working compared to patient ratio and on and on. I haven't felt job secure in weeks and again my boss reassures me that my job is safe...I just don't feel it. So now I contacted the employer I worked 11 years ago, they are hiring nights, not sure what the pay is yet. It is an ob tech job and I enjoyed the people etc...I know I was fed up at the time I left BUT I feel the need to get out of my current situation now while I can, is that irrational? I may be taking a step back but am thinking of returning to school for nursing which may be a more marketable option for me...I'm 42 and would still like to move to NYC. I'm so confused right now and kind of depressed, any advice?
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I'll let others comment on your proposed career changes, since I'm not in any of those fields, but I think it's a bad idea to make plans for your career when you're confused and depressed. And - 42 is not too old to start anything (other than an Olympic career in gymnastics)!
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Why don't you take two months off work and move to New York. You could get another job, you're experience is very useful in surg and ob tech, which is good anywhere. Then, find a job in archiving and move in. I am sure you could find a medical institute that would be intrigued by your experience.
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Best answer: OP. I'm not sure if this will help you because in the end it isn't our stories of whether we got what we wanted at 42 or 22 or 62, but whether you believe in yourself and jump into the pond and try, but here goes noneththess.

• What are the top 1 or 2 things that you want? I looked at this post and previous questions-- it sounds like you want a change right now; but what change do you want the most? NYC? A new job? The new career? Put the top 2 things on a list and prioritize.

• From reading your last question, you do have a lot going for you. You have a home that you can sell, your kids are grown, you have dreams...realize that you have so many things that give you the potential to do whatever it is you want right now. Everyone doesn't have those things;so make it into what you want it to me....if you have some money, use it to get where you want or do wha you want.

• Make a plan to get the one top thing on your list. I don't know if this helps and I will sound likea nut, but I've ....announced I was quitting before I had a job when I decided that I wanted to move to NYC, or I've quit jobs when I decided "now go for career X."What makes it work me is part of my plan is to make a plan, walk on a plank towards the plan, and put fire to the boat so that I have to jump. It works for me and it has always worked out, but ....think through what things you did in the past that have made your plans work out. Or what if you told your top few friends ...I am moving by day X? Or if you put your house for sale? Whatever factors that help you succeed in your plans --integrate it into your plan and start taking action now.

• Focus on a plan, and only settle for what you want in that plan. I'm not sure that I understand parts of this post, but ...Are you considering to change jobs and go to another job that isn't even in the city that you want to live in or the career that you want...but you may take it because it is offered to you and you are afraid you will lose your job? You can lose any job, including the new one that you move to... It sounds like you are reacting to an inner want to change right now. Don't fall into the trap and think through what you want next. Only settle for that.

• You can take your plan in steps. Stupid story (we are close in age) a couple years ago I 1) moved to a city that I selected and 2) a year later, picked a completely new career. It worked out...but I did it in steps. I became happier where I lived, and then I went after the job. You can do the same, go after step 1 (is it where you live?) and then whatever is your second priority(new career?). Or reverse them according to your priorities.

These last 2 questions sound like you are desperately seeking change and want to hear a magical answer that will tell you that things will be all right.You know what will be more likely to make your plan work? It is if you make the steps and go for it (please don't be posting this question over and over and over again...that is wasted time!). Go for it. All of our answers and even examples won't do it. Believe in *yourself*. Make the plan you want. Jump in and swim. I think the depression may be pushing you towards action - use it and make it work for you. Put the first thing on your list, break it down into a few smaller steps, and tomorrow do step 1. Get off the computer. Stop reading this. Do step 1.

Feel free to memail, a few friends talked me through moving to a new place ...changing careers, and I strongly believe people should make their own way, not settle for the box that life puts you in.

I believe that you can get the top two things on your list if you make the plan and try.
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I sent you a MeMail.
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