Help me get the stank outta this coat?
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Is this coat machine washable?

I just bought a used coat for Burning Man, and the tag is barely legible. This is all that remains of the care instructions. From what I can make out it looks like it's polyester with acrylic trim. I assume that means I can wash it in the machine in cold water on delicate cycle. Can you confirm or deny this? And should it go in the dryer?

I have a corduroy coat with similar acrylic trim and it's machine washable, but this one has a longer pile and different lining, so I wasn't sure.
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DO NOT put poly/acrylic blends in the dryer on high! Maybe on the low/delicates tumble cycle. I would throw it in the machine on cold wash, personally. It's not like it's going to come back from the playa in any kind of pristine state anyway.
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I would wash it on gentle as you mentioned, then lay flat to dry. Don't risk the dryer with acrylic trim.
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I would wash it on a gentle cycle with cold water and hang it up to dry.
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Also, if it's just stank, maybe hang it up outside for a few days?
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Pretty sure from the appearance of the 'fur' that it's already been through the wash... Ah, given the state of the tag, very sure that it's been through the wash many times. Launder away. Dryer will not do anything good to the matting; I might use an old hairbrush to try to restore the pile a bit.
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I would get it dry cleaned. At the very least take it somewhere reputable and ask them. It doesn't look like it should be put through a wash cycle, nevermind a dryer.
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Honestly, my rule for coats is to dry clean them, unless the label absolutely says not to.
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I am a vintage clothing dealer and deal with a variety of smells. What works best for me is to hang the item outside for a week or so. I sometimes spray things daily with vodka, though that is mostly for underarm smells. I have heard great things about Zero Odor and just bought some, but have not tried it yet.

Good luck!
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Response by poster: Thanks y'all. I guess I'll machine wash it but not dry it. If it were an actual coat for everyday use I would probably get it dry cleaned, but since I got it cheap and it's just going to the playa...

Oh and thanks for the odor removal tips, suki. Good to know!
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