What are the economics of an independent Quebec?
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Can anyone point me to a financial analysis of what would happen if Quebec separated from Canada?

Hey, Quebec election! And once again, our friend Separatism has raised its hoary head.

Despite this being a constant refrain in Quebec, I'm having a devil of a time finding somebody who's actually broken down what a separate Quebec would mean economically. Probably because it's a question that can splinter off into infinite nuances based on whether or not there's a shared currency, what happens to the military, etc. -- but surely somebody has sat down and measured Quebec-to-Ottawa taxes vs. Ottawa-to-Quebec transfer payments, Quebec's current GDP versus operating expenses for provincial institutions, and so on.

Maybe it's just my weak Google-Fu, but I'm hoping there's some cogent analysis out there that even a quasi-dunderhead like me could understand. Know of any?
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Dividing the House: Planning for a Canada without Quebec (1995). Published just before the last separatist referendum.
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