Help me find this striking web site.
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Help me find a striking web site belonging to a London design agency - its design centres around a very bold typographical navigation system. The company has a simple, short, one word name.

I visited this site a few months ago (linked from Smashing Magazine or somewhere similar) and I'd like to find it again. The company is a London based design agency (I think) with a simple, one word name. Their website is predominantly dark with bold white typography. The front page has just two words on it IIRC and when the visitor clicks one of the words it slides to the left and the screen splits in two. The content or further navigation links appear on the right. The navigation continues like this and the user has to retrace their steps by clicking on the links on the left to return to the start of the site.
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I wonder if it was St Lukes. Their website doesn't do that at present, but your description sounds familiar.
posted by sagwalla at 5:07 AM on August 21, 2012

@sagwalla Alas, it's not that one. Nice site though!
posted by Glum at 5:36 AM on August 21, 2012

Have a look here. I couldn't find what you are looking for though.

The closest I can get to what you describe is Deep, and I don't think it is what you mean.
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I think the St Lukes website used to do that. Before that, it did something with floating bubbles that drilled in layer by layer. It was also pretty cool, though it had some annoying earwormy music.
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@MuffinMan It's not Deep, but thanks for looking.

I've remembered something else: In the Locations section there were links to offices in London, Paris, Sydney etc. But, if you click on any office other London you get a "Coming soon, hopefully :)" message.

The layout was very clearly split in two, so when you click 'Locations' you get a layout that was the word 'Locations' on the left (centred vertically) and on the right the three or four links (London, Paris etc.) above one another. The hover box highlights were large (so hovering over 'Locations' would highlight the entire left side of the screen).
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Possibly Gyro, if they have expanded their site a bit since you last saw it.
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@missmobtown Not Gyro, although another nice site. :(
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Oh man, that took some serious trawling of my Google Reader history!

Thanks everyone, for your efforts.
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