When did I move to the UK?
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How do I get a Nexus 7 weather card actually display the weather for my area.

I'm sure Bedford, UK is a very nice place. I just happen to not live there. I can't get my rooted Nexus 7 (this was still happening before my brother rooted it) to display my proper location. I tried and he tried Googling it, with no luck.

I have the card checked display my current location (outside of Cleveland, Ohio). I went into the Latitude app and made sure I was showing up in the right place and I am, down to the street (maybe my addy is on file with Google?).

I ended up adding the Weather Chanel app, but this is really bugging my OCD self. Interestingly enough, there is a Bedford about a block from where I live. It would work well enough for me. But I live on the US side of the pond.
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It's a known bug in that version of Android.
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many thanks. I don't know how that didn't come up in my google searches.
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Native weather apps often let you add multiple locations, with "Here" being the first location-- add your hometown as a location. The side benefit is that you'll keep the home weather whenever you travel with your Nexus.

I have the same problem-- my phone awakes somewhere in rural Delaware, and I've got to get some GPS-active application to remind it to find me in Seattle.
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