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Women's Lingerie stores (online or offline)

Can you recommend online stores that sell sexy lingerie? Looking for something that is between the Macy's (too vanilla) and Victoria Secret (too teeny bopper). Not anything too crazy but definitely stylishly pretty and sensual. And hopefully without the outrageous prices.

Thank you!
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Bare Necessities has a wide variety of stuff in lots of styles! Here's their lingerie-under-$40 section.
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I always thought Fredericks of Hollywood was a nice alternative to Victoria's.
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I'm a size 14 and find that the stuff from Hips and Curves fits the best. Their range is such that whenever my SO sees a package from them at my apartment, he gets psyched - but I can also order my everyday stuff from them. Some of the specialty items like corsets are a little spendy but they run great sales, which is when I try to stock up.
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If there is a Loehmann's near you, it might be worth checking out. They often have fancy lingerie at good discounts (what's on their website is not representative of what they have in stores).
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Figleaves has a really nice variety of styles and price points. Their sale section is often quite good.
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seconding journelle, i always prefer to try before i buy. in nyc there are a few great alternatives which also have online shops petit coquette and agent provocateur .

simone perele is available in some department stores as well as online.

for a more vintage flair what katie did .

but before you buy anything new and beautiful and possibly expensive- go to some professional and get sized. the strange experience and slight discomfort of standing topless in a dressing room while a woman stares analytically at and maybe cups your breasts and then measures you a couple of times is far outweighed by the joy of actually wearing a bra which fits and makes the your tits, well, "the tits!"
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