How do you embed or stream a video via a swf?
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I need to embed a video in a swf banner ad. I have no idea how to do this. Can someone walk me through it?

I have a banner ad I need to make. Its 1000px wide by 250 high. I am supposed to embed a 15 second video and create two options 1. that will automatically play when loaded, and 2. that will play when a user presses play. The video will only take up a section of the ad. I need stylized start and stop buttons. Meaning I don't want to use the default flash video player. Ideally, I will use small white play/pause button. Video has no sound. Video can be an flv or mov.

I know there are a couple of ways to "embed" a video into swf but have no idea how to do any of them. I think the specs will allow me to provide the video as a separate file and be progressively downloaded. But I should probably prepare a version with the video actually embedded in the swf if possible. Both versions need to have start and stop buttons, are supposed to have additional animations and will have some sort of clicktag, which I can do.

Can anyone walk me through this process? I have been searching the internet but it's all gibberish to me. My actionscript knowledge is pretty non-existant. I reuse simple snippets for each project to control the timeline, etc.

I am open to any guidance, suggestions of where I could get help, or links to templates I could purchase and then manipulate?

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I think you'll have better luck asking this Q on a programmer site like StackOverflow:
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What you're referring to is called 'rich media'. Can't help with the specifics of the coding, but agencies typically build rich media ads within rich media ad servers like doubleclick rich media studio and the like vs building it separately. Probably worth investigating resources there.
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