Budget rivets for budget fidgets?
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What store would have a rivet-like thing (small!) that I could pick up today or tomorrow to make a more discreet version of this style bracelet?

Trying to make a fidgety type bracelet for a guy that won't look like a little girly charm bracelet (he prefers a more 'manly' look like my fidget bracelet which was not cheap) in width. So I'd need a rivet like device that I could macreme into a home brew clone.

I was just going to use beads as shown in the craft link above, but I was at a bit of a loss as to how to close it enough that it doesn't fall off without determined fiddling, but will come off during contact sports (required). The guy in question is tween-age and has some minor dexterity issues, so I'm also trying to make it hard-on-accident to remove but easy-when-appropriate to remove.

And I'm suddenly in love with the rivet idea as it would allow him to make it tighter or looser depending on his fancy (as well as easy to replicate if it goes poof!).

Stores I can get to: Target, Lowes, Ace Hardware, Sears, KMart, JoAnns, Micheals, Home Depot, Office Depot, Big Lots, Staples, Dollar General, Family General, Dollar Tree, Winn Dixie, Publix, Ross, Marshalls.
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You can buy an actual hand riveter from Home Depot for about $20-$30! I've bought one from Michaels before too, but my Home Depot one has yet to break.
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How about a snap fastener?

Bet you joanns or michaels has something like this too.

Assuming your Macreme is woven tightly enough, I don't think it would come undone..
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Love the idea of the rivets!

Rather than macrame, have you considered using the hand riveter, as suggested above, and a cuff type bracelet instead? For a teen with dexterity issues, who wants a "manly" look, leather cuffs would seem to fit the bill very well. Easy to take off, not too slim or "girly".

Some examples of the style I am talking about: DIY leather cuff bracelet, leather cuff bracelet from an old belt.
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Oh, and one more, that is close to your rivet idea!
Bullet studded cuff bracelet.
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JoAnn would be my first stop, out of that list. Then Michaels.
No HobbyLobby nearby, huh? They definitely would be a good bet.
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I'm sorry, I meant to mention that Michael's is going to be the best place to pick up supplies, though since you are going with basics, even Walmart or Target might have what you want.
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I've got a table top die-press riveter, luckily enough, but only two specific inserts for diaper snaps ... maybe I take them to JA with me and see if they have rivets (specifically for the hook/loop idea as well as decoration) that will fit in the die sizes I have.
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Ahah, I found the answer in my own junk drawer - JIBBITZ.

I'm macremeing it up right now .... more updates in a few days.
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