ID this book, 1970s YA edition.
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Help, mefites! Y'all're amazingly great at tracking down obscure music and books with little info, so I hope you can help me. Two YA books, both read in the late 1970s: 1 - urban kid gets involved with a gang called the Scorpions. Also, his family was so poor he had to eat cereal with water. 2 - fantasy novel - there were goblins who were destroyed/harmed by butter. Any ideas?
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1. Is it "Scorpions"?
2. Goblins in the Castle?
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Response by poster: Wow, thanks for the quick response. "Scorpions" in particular sounds very much like the story I remember, except that I'm POSITIVE that I read both these books no later than 1979, and the publication dates on both appears to indicate that they are newer than that. (Goblins in the Castle -1992, Scorpions -1988).
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In the Enchanted Forest series by Patricia C. Wrede, the evil wizards are melted by throwing soapy water with lemon on them. In the Oz series by L. Frank Baum, the wicked Nome King and his underground nomes are helpless against fresh eggs.
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Not a book, but the monsters in Ernest Scared Stupid were destroyed by milk, and possibly milk products.
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Maybe something by S.E. Hinton?
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Response by poster: No, definitely not SE Hinton! The Scorpions book was set in NYC (or similar) - in fact, it's so maddeningly similar to inturnaround's suggestion that if it weren't for the publication date I'd mark that as correct. The goblins book definitely involved butter as the WMD for the evil-doers. The search continues!
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