Where to get powdered paint from?
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Where do I get powdered paint from similar to Holi, the Indian Festival of Colour?

I am going Larping next weekend and I need to get some powdered paint to throw around. I'm hoping for a stage-like effect very similar to Holi, the Indian Colour Festival.

What would be best to use? Last year I used powdered chalk dust - which was not great. Are there any toxic powdered paints? Where would I buy them from?
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Forgot to add - I'm in the South UK (Southampton).

Thanks all
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I searched for holi powder on amazon.co.uk and found some cheap stuff Presumably it's non-toxic stuff that you're looking for. Art supplies stores sell tempera paint powder.
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There have been reports of toxic powders around, so check on the source.
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Sorry that I don't have a link, but what you'll want is more like colored talc, not powdered paint. And even so, be careful about not inhaling a ton of that!
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I'm pretty sure you can get corn starch wet, add food coloring, and then let it dry out again. Seems to be what a lot of people do and should be non-toxic.
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Its called gulal and rangoli, that may help the search a bit or ask for these in Indian groceries. They are part of the prayer/ritual as well for many communities. For eg, Amazon UK sells gulal as puja gulal (puja meaning prayer) but looks a bit expensive
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