What are the best hardware solutions for a good Go To Meeting conference call?
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Is there a non-headset way of eliminating echo and feedback in Go To Meeting?

We're a small office that uses various VOIP programs for conference calls including Skype, Live Meeting and Go To Meeting. We seem to have a particular problem with echo when we have more than a few people on our side participating in a Go To Meeting call. Go To Meeting recommends using headsets for calls, but given that we're doing these calls with three or four people gathered around a table, that's typically not practical (if for no other reason than that all the mics pick each other up). After trying to adjust line in levels and volumes, without too much success, we're considering buying a USB conference call box such as the Jabra Speak, hoping that since the mic and speaker are all part of the same unit, noise cancellation will be handled there. Are we correct in thinking this? Are there any other solutions that we should consider (e.g. everyone wearing headphones but using a single mic)? I'm pretty new at handling this stuff so would welcome any advice.
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We had weird echo with VOIP GoToMeeting that was largely obviated by dialing in on my cell phone...
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Can you mute your line except when someone needs to say something? We've found that to help a little.
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I get echo on Skype when someone leaves their mic open (when not talking) and it is near their speakers.
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We use GoToMeeting a lot at work, and the results depend enormously on the speaker-microphone equipment: some models work much better than others. Unfortunately I'm out of the office for a couple of weeks so can't look and make recommendations, but you should experiment with different equipment.
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Response by poster: We do mute our line, but it's a bit awkward. We're currently trying different solutions and hardware. Thanks for the answers so far.
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Response by poster: We wound up going with the Jabra Speak and its worked great. Would recommend for any small office conference solution.
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