how does one smoke a pipe?
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How does one smoke a pipe? Just talking about proper pipes and proper tobacco - nothing wacky
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How to smoke a pipe.
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Best answer: Google is your friend

I fancied myself quite the academician in college, so took up such attendent habits as pipe smoking and strolling with my hands clutched behind my back. Though I rarely smoke the pipe anymore, here is my process:

1. Pack the tobacco in pipe. Don't pack it too tightly, but don't pack it too loosely, either (good advice, I know). The tobacco should spring back slightly when poked.
2. Light the pipe. Purists will insist you use wooden matches; I found a lighter to work just fine. While you light, draw in slowly. Don't inhale. Just draw, with your mouth, sending the excess smoke out the side of your cheek. If you were ever a cigarette smoker, you don't need to draw nearly as hard--doing so will get your nowhere.
3. Light and draw until you're getting big billowing volumes of white smoke, and it seems like the tobacoo deeper down is lit. Then quit with the fire. Puff away a bit. The pipe will soon go out.
4. Tamp down the ashen top a bit, and relight.
5. Think about all things philosophical; muse about religion; cross your legs and enjoy the feel of your elbow patches.
6. Spit

Don't worry if the pipe goes out a lot. I'm not sure I've ever had a smoke without having to relight at least a few times . . .
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Here is an AskMefi thread with great info about pipe smoking -- especially the posts by Jammer.
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I used to work for a guy who "smoked" a pipe. He'd pack it while he talked to you and wave it a while. Then he'd hold a lighter over it and puff frantically, until he got a tiny smoke cloud. Then he'd wave it around for about 20 minutes. Then he'd make a production out of dumping it into an ashtray and scraping it. Rinse, repeat.

I never saw him actually smoke it. YMMV.
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If you're going so far as to smoke a pipe you might as well go whole hog and insist on using only Swan Vestas - "The Smoker's Match." Also, carry a set of 'pipe tools' on your keychain or perhaps on a watch fob.
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If you want to try it without shelling out lots of cash, try one of these. I picked up a "Missouri Meerschaum" a while back and it taught me how to properly pack a pipe.

I stopped almost immediately because the area I live in doesn't supply any of the enjoyable tobaccos. Bad tobacco can make you think you're smoking cat hair.
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If you have a tobacco shop in town, they can provide a mix for beginners that has less bite. It doesn't smell as nice, but it won't burn the mouth as much.
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