Know any Czech electronic musicians?
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Spurred on by what happened at Czechtek, I'm trying to find more out about electronic musicians from the Czech Republic. The trouble is, I don't speak Czech. Does anyone know of any great Czech producers, or of any web translation sites that reliably do Czech to English so I can do more research?

I've been looking around for a (free + working) web translator that does Czech to English, but all I can find are bad text translators, so the results are pretty murky and without much context.
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You won't find a better free web translation programme, trust me. You need a human. You may or may not need to pay for such a service, which is more skilled than many people realise. Look round translators' sites such as ProZ and , and you might be lucky enough to find someone who needs the experience and can translate on a voluntary basis - but to be sure that the end result is good, you will probably have to pay. Ask a few for quotes.

(declaration of interest: I am a full-time professional translator - though I don't do Czech - who studied for several years to achieve this, and make a reasonable living at it).
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